Make the most of your balcony or terrace with our unique height-adjustable windscreens.

Fully open or glassed-in balcony? With the Caf au L or Cit i L  you can have both. Your guests can enjoy the open air when the weather is nice and sunny or just raise the screen to the desired height in harsh weather and cold winds. Turn an open-air environment into a year-round enjoyable experience.

       cafe au la



  • Suited for restaurant terraces (Caf au L) or private balconies (Cit i L)
  • Electrically operated option
  • Made from aluminum
  • Standard design is equipped with laminated glass both in the fixed part and in the height adjustable part
  • Option to have overhead fixed glass up to the ceiling for a complete enclosure of your balcony.


Technical Specifications

  • 1000 - 2200 mm
Standard heights:
  • 800/1300 mm (lowered/raised position)
  • 900/1500 mm
  • 1000/1700 mm
  • 1100/1900 mm
  • 1200/2100 mm (max. width 2000 mm)
  • 90 mm
  • 5 mm laminated glass in the moving part.
  • 6 mm laminated glass in the lower fixed part but can be supplied with translucent glass or other materials (aluminum, wood, etc).
Surface coating
  • Satin anodized aluminium is standard option
  • Powder coating or anodizing is available in other colours
  • 3 types of feet for installation; standard feet, bolted insert feet for concealed installation and box insert feet
  • Connectors for corner and wall attachment
  • All connectors and feet are stainless steel.  
  • Automatic intermediate locking at optional height.
  • Lock with key for raised position.

Examples of Versions

lowered position with glass

Lowered position with glass
raised position with glass

Raised position with glass
Lowered position with aluminum

Lowered position with aluminum
raised position with aluminum

Raised position with aluminum


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