Patio doors are elegantly designed, providing a clear view of the outdoors plus ease of operation. They are available in standard and custom colours, with various types of profiles and different glazing options.

Choose from the following categories to suit your application:

Lift & Slide Doors

Lift & Slide

Lift & Slide Doors can be custom designed to cover spans of up to 20 feet as well as extreme heights for new and existing buildings. More


Folding Door

Folding Doors

Folding doors give practical solutions for large openings and are particularly effective in modern designs. More


Tilt & Slide Door

Tilt & Slide Doors

Tilt & Slide Doors give you comfort, controlled air circulation and high security. The sash lifts away from the seals to greatly reduce the friction and wear of conventional sliding doors. More


Tilt & Turn Door

Tilt & Turn French Doors

Tilt & Turn French doors combine high quality appearance with strength and durability while ensuring that your home is draft free. More