Folding BavisterOur Folding Door Systems meet even the highest demands and combine aesthetics, stability, easy operation and a high level of safety. The panels are connected flexibly with one another, are folded to the side via a track system and parked compactly. Large openings can be conveniently closed or kept open over the whole area. From slim-line balcony enclosure to a fully insulated closing door section for living space, there is a broad range of application possibilities for folding systems. Folding systems can be integrated in different geometries and supplemented by a wide range of special fittings.

Aluminium insulated

With a compact design depth of 55 mm ( 2 1/8" ) the aluminium folding system SF55 has excellent insulating properties and is thus particularly suitable for use as the closing section for living spaces.

Areas of application

  • Sunroom and conservatory doors
  • Swimming pool enclosures
  • Balconies and Terrace Enclosures
  • Extensions to living areas

Special properties

  • Concealed hinge brackets
  • Homogenous hinge look throughout the system
  • Gaskets are not interrupted by the hinges
  • Straightforward vertical adjustment of fittings
  • One-man installation possible
  • Supporting bearings are ball-bearing type
  • Carriage fittings have two ball bearings
  • Available in powder-coat finish (RAL) and anodized finishes possible

Folding Doors

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Folding Doors Folding Doors

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