Constructed of steel, steel/aluminium combination or aluminium, our garage doors can be customized to mark the architectural style of your building...

Facade Garage Doors

The Sectional Garage Door for the sophisticated facade

Based on the Hormann ALR 40 industrial sectional door

    Frame: Aluminium

    Product: Hormann ALR 40, Belutec

Seamless transitions from facade design to garage door design create a strong example of modern architecture.

The door is based on the Hörmann ALR 40 industrial sectional door, an aluminium frame construction with panel infill. The door can be clad in timber, metal, ceramic, plastic and many additional materials, according to your wishes and requirements.

Industrial doors are especially stable and designed for reliable long-term function. Once it is installed and cladded, the garage door is an integral part of the continuous facade.


Real Glass Garage Doors

The Aluminium Display Window Door for maximum visibility.

Hormann ALS 40: The Aluminum Display Window Door for Maximum Visibility

    Frame: Aluminium and Aluminium/Steel

    Product: Hormann ALS 40 or TAP 40

Large areas of glazing invite you to take a closer look. The new Hormann "display window" shows you from the outside what's on offer on the inside. The slim-line aluminum profile and generous glazing allow for a light and airy showroom. The ideal solution for car showrooms, yacht and boatyards and at camper van and caravan dealers.

For greater stability and thermal insulation, choose the Aluminium/Steel Thermal Door with Insulating Glazing. The formation of wet due to condensation is prevented and the structural fabric protected.


Plexi-Glass Garage Doors

The Aluminium Door with thermally separated profiles.

Hormann TAR 40: Thermally Insulated Aluminium Door with Large Areas of Glazing

    Frame: Aluminium

    Product: Hormann TAR 40

High transparency, maximum use of daylight, sound stability, good thermal insulation and modern design are the best selling points of this top aluminium door.

The strong thermal extrusion.
Glass fibre reinforced polyamide ribs ensure an effective thermal break between the outer and inner shells, thereby eliminating cold bridges. The positive material composite (overall thickness 42 mm, profile height 120 mm) produces a high level of stabiltiy for a long service life. This thermal-break door also protects the building structure.